How do I edit my home page?


I have selected my design, however I would like to change the wording on the home page. I cannot seem to identify this page under “Customize Website” > “Add/Edit Content”


It is likely that you have one of our old designs. If this is the case, the home page is a template.

In order to edit the default home page:

1) Click “Customize Web Site” > “Edit Template”
2) “Edit” the index.tpl file (index / home page file)
3) Click “Advanced Editor”
4) Click the “Full Screen” icon on the tool bar
5) Make your changes
6) Click the “Full Screen” icon on the tool bar
7) Click “Save”

Remember that this change is at the template/design level, so if you change to a new design, your changes will not be carried over to the new design.