How To Upload Your Logo And Add Google Analytics

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You may also upload a logo if you have one. Since we cannot have control over they size and color of logo you upload, you must make sure it works with the web site design you choose.

For example, you can upload a logo whose color totally conflicts with your website. Or your logo can be so big that it distorts the rest of the website.

If your logo does not look good, just send it to us and our designer will take care of it for you. Before you send it, make sure you load the design you want to keep because it will be customized around your design.


Google Analytics

To be successful in your marketing goals, you must be able to tract where your traffic is coming from and what visitors do when they land on your website.

This is where Google Analytics come in.

In order to track your traffic sources, go to Google Analytics get your code and save it at the Google Analytics box. Google Analytics lets you see exactly where your traffic is coming from and lots of other information to optimize your marketing campaigns.

This helps to put your marketing dollar where you get the highest returns.


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