RealestateInvestorsWebsites business for sale

Yes, Interactive Real Estate Investing Websites is for sale. This means the entire business – full rights to the software that runs the websites, servers and server licenses.

This business offers self-service style database driven real estate investing websites to real estate investors. This is a service that provides both a front end income and a monthly income.

You can visit our main website here.

The demand for real estate investing websites is quite large.

It’s an extensive software that incorporates numerous features and designs for real estate investing. Pretty much almost anything anyone would want in their real estate investing website is covered in these websites. This includes both marketing features and features to run their real estate investing business.

It’s easier to say you can run your real estate investing business from your website. You can find out more by visiting

Most real estate investors like to have separate websites for buying houses, selling houses, seeking private money and wholesaling houses. This means people like to buy more than one website.

Currently, our pricing is as follows (of course you can easily offer your own pricing):


1 website:

$295 one time. $19 monthly hosting (we also have a discounted yearly plan of $129).


2 websites:

$540 one time: $38  monthly hosting (we also have a discounted yearly plan of $129×2).

(you can add more plans). About 40% buy 2 websites, approx 10% more than 2 websites.


A small history

Up till around 2012/2013, we were the leading providers in real estate investing websites. My interests have diversified so far that i find that I don’t have the time to market this business appropriately and provide the kind of premium service I like to give my clients.

Once someone places an order and gets the website, approx. 95% of the people do not need more help, since this is a self service kind of website, built from the ground up as a real estate investing website run by a software built on PHP.




What is included in the sale?

Full rights to the software and marketing materials and website. Hosting server and cpanel license can be included in the package if needed.


What is required to keep the business operational?

Marketing. Ability to host these websites. Assistance for hosting will be provided.


Why are you selling the business?

As stated above, my interests have been in a different space for a few years now. I no longer have the time to market and run the business.


How does the business generate revenue?

By selling the websites and hosting. This can also be packaged as a purely monthly service.


Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?

Hosting costs.


What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?

SEO – first page of google for “real estate investing websites”. Our sister domain was number 1 on the search engines (Google and Bing) for several years.


How can the future owner improve the business?

More marketing – SEO, PPC, social media.


I have a website with you. Should I be worried?

No. Your current service will not be interrupted. Your websites will continue to run until expiration of your current term. After expiration, we’ll help you move your website to a new server. This should not interrupt your business (maybe only for an hour or so).

Depending on the terms of the sale, you may not need to do anything at all, and your services will remain unchanged and un-interrupted.

The beauty of our websites is that your websites will continue running on your server even if we don’t host you. If you currently host yourself,  you will not be affected at all.


I am interested in purchasing this business. How do I contact you?

If you are interested drop me a line and I can give you a demo and we can talk numbers.


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