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When I started investing in real estate in 2003, I shopped for a good real estate investor website for my business. None of the ones on the market could suit my needs:

  • An SEO-friendly website that attracts leads, compels visitors to take action, and nurtures those leads to close deals
  • Easily adaptable to any real estate business needs – I did not want to pay someone every time my business model changed
  • Inbuilt automation and marketing features to convert leads

I found no website that offers these features – so I had to create one.

An Accident That Wows Every Day

Our real estate investor websites were founded by accident that was created by the necessity to serve the real estate investing community with an affordable, quality product.

This accident continues to wow most real estate investors and serving them to close more deals using less time, money and effort.

I therefore instructed my web developer to build a website for my business with these core qualities in mind. We ended up having a website that was very easy to use, and easy to upgrade whenever I needed to.

I used this website for 6 years for our real estate investing business. One day in a networking event, a real estate investor saw it and was so amazed that he asked if I could sell a copy to him. “Other investors would love to have a product like this for their business!“, he said.

This is how the idea to sell the websites was born.

We adapted it for sale to other investors and released the first version in February 2009, after being tested for 6 years. 

To this day, our websites remain the most feature-packed and affordable in the  market. The sustained excitement with which the websites were received on the market continues every single day. This has made our resolve to remain on the cutting edge of technology providing the best websites to the real estate investing industry.

Since then some type of upgrade is always going on almost every day building new features and improving existing ones, keeping up with growing demand and changing internet and real estate trends.

We have been investing in real estate since 2003 closing most types of transactions in single family houses – short sales, lease options, wholesaling, etc. What you see on our websites is driven by our experience as real estate investors and by suggestions from our clients, as well as changing trends in real estate and internet technology.

If you are looking for a website that attracts leads for you, converts them to clients and closed deals for you while making your work easier, more profitable and more productive, you have come to the right place.

Our Mission

To create simple but effective websites that enable you as a real estate investor to realize your dreams and beyond without the hassle and learning curve in technology and marketing.

How We Do It

We keep an open mind in learning, we adapt to new market trends in technology and real estate to continue to deliver a solution that not only wows every customer, but also one that helps you close more deals and make more money.

We strive to make each client a new success story by providing unequaled support not only today, but for life as long as you continue to use your website.

What Makes Us Different

Our passion is driven by creating websites that bring you more business and money. None of the cool features can have any meaning if you your website does not make more money for your business.

That’s why our websites are created from the ground up to attract leads and equipped with top-notch marketing features to engage and nurture these leads to become clients that make you money.

Granted, we continue to lead the pack in innovation and developing cool features that make your work easier and more profitable, while running your business from a simple virtual back office.

Our websites also provide multiple, customizable flexible, mobile responsive designs that give your business a unique brand while delivering high conversion rates for your leads.

And yes – you buy it once, you own it for life with free lifetime upgrades and support. Nobody else offers this kind of deal while delivering quality nobody else can touch.

Point. Click. Done.

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