Testimonials – What Others Are Saying About Us

Hey Simon, this is Randy Wright, I’m with Larry Butts account that we have with you.

I wanted to call and just thank you, congratulate you, you know say something good about the fact that we’ve got so many good results on Google right now.

I don’t know whether you did it or it just happened through some content on the blog or how it worked out, but we are on first page of over 50 pages of Google search results on different terms.

I mean there’s 50 different search terms where we popped up on the very first page.

It’s amazing. I don’t know of anybody else that has even anything close to that.

Give me a call and maybe I’ll send you a copy of research firms and some information maybe you can make some good advertising on your site or for whatever purpose for your financial benefit.

Thank you so much, have a nice day. Bye Bye.

Randy Wright
Wholesale Real Estate Market
Little River, SC

Superior product, exceptional prices, fantastic to work with…

“These guys are the real deal-they offer a superior product, exceptional prices, and they were fantastic to work with after the sale. Compare these guys’ products/services to any others. There is no comparison. If you miss this opportunity, you’ll regret it.”

— Adam Levine
Wi Buy Homes
Oak park, CA


All my friends will know of your wonderful service and professionalism…

“Your kindness will not be forgotten. Rest assured that your sevices and reputation rank high. All my friends will know of your wonderful service and professionalism! Thank you for making the small things stand out so big!

— Steven Watanabe
Opportunity Property Investments
Santa Clarita, CA


One of the best business decisions I have made…

” To be a successful real-estate investor these days it is imperative to have an on line presence. Not wanting to spend thousands of dollars I’ve searched and investigated several options. I have chosen to go with Real-estate Investor Websites because the value cannot be beat.

I was impressed by the services received considering the low cost of this product. There are over a hundred design templates and you would think that I would find one that I liked, actually there were several.

Well, after requesting a little modification to one of my top five choices, my site is absolutely perfect. Your team did exactly what I asked and it took them less than a day to have it up and ready. My new website is user friendly, it’s easy to customize and I’m able to personalize it to fit my needs. Weather I call or email for help your web support is always friendly and quick to respond. Joining the Real-estate Investor Website Team is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. Keep up the great work! .”
— Frank Sepko
Richmond Virginia


I feel like I have been doing this for ever…

“Have really liked the features, especially the blog. I have been able to write comments on seller finance issues and post them to Facebook with ease.

This is my first website, and feel like I have been doing this for ever. I am excited!”
— Judy Moriarty
Fairfax, Virginia


I never knew a website could handle this much. I feel liberated…

“For the past one week I have taken a lot of time to implement all I have learned in setting up my business and search engine optimization. I have learned an awful lot in such a short time.

I have also fully configured my website with very little help thanks to the video tutorials. I am amazed at all the features in my hands.I never knew a website could handle this much. I feel liberated!”
— Dee Edwards
Richardson, TX


The most comprehensive website in the world…

“Hi Simon, just wanted to send you a quick message that we are fully set up. My properties are finally transferred to my new website.

I have used LOTS of websites before, some a heck of a lot more expensive that this one, and none even come close to this website. Congratulations for a job well done. You have created the most comprehensive website in the word.”
— Mike Perry
Converse, TX


I researched several products and found yours to be the best deal…

“As a “Newbie” I researched several products and found yours to be the best deal. Your websites offered everything I need for my business.

My work just got 10 times easier with my new website. The way I looked at my house business has changed for ever.”
— Nicole Holmes
Bulhead City, AZ


Guess what, I just got a buyer for my house with a single email!

“Hey Simon I have consolidated the new investors i had into my buyers list and built a small list of about 20 buyers. It may not sound like a lot, but guess what, I just got a buyer for my house with a single email!

I listed the wholesale deal yesterday on my website and sent it out to my buyers list last night. I just got off the phone with an investor who wants to buy it.

I am excited! Thank you!!!!

— Dave Russell
Jamaica, New York


Gets us closer to our real estate deals…

“Thanks so much for all your help Simon! My wife and I are very excited in our new venture and having this website gets us much closer to our Real Estate deals.

Thanks again!
— Luke Klin
Aurora, Colorado


Nice improvement to my 7 year website..

“I’m really excited and love the new website. Its a very nice improvement to my last 7 year old website I’ve been using.
— Brian Beard
Priority 1 Properties
Myersville, Maryland


Easy to work with..

“Your real estate website is easy to navigate and change features as I just changed my website around completely.”
— Bruce Bockman
Willows, California


It is going to help my business tremendously..

“I’m a new real estate wholesaler and it was imperative that I get a website to automate my wholesale business.

I searched for about 2 weeks most of the companies I interviewed were asking for start up cost of about $2000 plus other fees. I came across Interactive Real Estate Investor Websites, I spoke with Simon and he explained everything to me, and boy did I have a lot of questions.

Its only been 5 days since purchasing the website, but I can already tell its going to help my business tremendously, its has and does everything and Simon gives excellent customer service. I’m very pleased with everything.”
— Glen Howard
Upper Malboro, Maryland


It will become immediately apparent what a great decision you made in purchasing it…

All I can say is WOW!

I just purchased my realestateinvestorwebsites from Simon 3 days ago, and I wish I would have purchased them 12 years ago when I first started investing.

If you are spending your time researching WordPress, Joomla, Open Realty, WSO’s, salescopy, graphics design, landing pages, etc. STOP IT.

Instead, spend your time doing deals and making more money.

Initially, I was pretty skeptical. I have purchased several real estate websites in the past and they all left a lot to be desired.

1. I built my own real estate website with a template using Microsoft Office Live and it ended up looking like an amateur designed it (which I was), and even worse it didn’t have a back office which means it didn’t save me any time or help me make any additional money. The only benefit was that I had a contact form for buyer leads, which I could export to an excel spreadsheet.

2. I hired a full time virtual assistant to design me a website using Joomla and various extentions – community builder, chronoforms, smart former, jomsocial, etc. I learned a lot about website design, but that time would have been better spent doing deals. Even worse, my site did not automate ANY of my real estate business functions.

3. I purchased several pre-built real estate and property management wordpress websites from WarriorForum. These sites were at least visually appealing, but they were designed by internet marketers not by real estate investors. As a result, they were bloated with features that sound good on the sales page, but in practice actually get in the way of how a real estate investor does business. Further, the lack of a back office means having to double work to figure out the best way to use the data and any leads generated.

4. Eventually, I purchased a website through Kris Kirschner’s Autopilot Real Estate Systems. It came with a large monthly subscription fee, and it didn’t have built in autoresponders or any way to track repairs by property. Basically all the site did for me was give me 2 contact forms that I could export to Excel – one for buyers and one for sellers.

Simon’s websites do far more than just build you a couple spreadsheets for your leads. The websites actually allow you to run your entire investing business. Followup, multiple offers, tracking repairs, property and lead specific notes, and more.

Buy one of these sites, ASAP. It is a one-time expense and once you log into the back office, it will become immediately apparent what a great decision you made in purchasing it.
— Nigel Johnson, MBA


All the automation is beyond my comprehension…. you guys are the masters!!!!!!!!

Well, I just got my site and its more than incredible and a bit overwhelming for me. I’m good at content but all the automation is beyond my comprehension….you guys are the Masters!!!!!!!!

I just moved 2 more domains to your server and have decided to send 3 more in that direction to take your advice and separate buying, selling, wholesaling, and Investors.

Hope I don’t get on your tech’s nerves with dumb Q’s but I’m gonna get everything rocking this week and take it from there.

I really needed this programming….thanks again!
— Joseph J. D’Amico
Aurora, Colorado


Superior product than competitors..

“Thanks Simon! I really appreciate you getting this done so quickly. Again, by far you have a superior product compared to your competitors.
— Marie Simpson
Kennesaw, GA


Stood by my side when I needed assistance..

“Thank you Simon. You’ve done an excellent job. You stood by my side without hesitation when I needed assistance. My website is up and running now as I would like it to be. I will not hesitate to refer you to anyone who is looking to purchase a website..”
— Kegham B
Scarborough, Ontario


A really good system..

” Simon – I really want to thank you for your help with this. Its truly appreciated. It all works now.

I was a little worried about all of this, but you helping me has made me realize this really is a good system.

Happy Holidays Simon… I’ll most like talk to you next year.. ”
Valor Properties

Woodland Hills, CA