Other Business Models

Sometimes, your business model can change, or we just don’t provide a pre-built website for your business model.

Our real estate investing websites can be customized to support pretty much any business model you can think of.

All you have to do is create a new page and add content to it (including forms for collecting data).

Then simply customize navigation menu tabs to create a new business model – in other words creating a whole new web site that suits your business model.

If you need to collect information, just create a new custom form to collect ANY information you want. Every time someone fills your form, you will get an email and get all the information logged on your web site.

AND of course you can create unlimited follow-up autoresponders so you can communicate with your subscribers hands-off; freeing up your time to make more money or have fun.

Q: What if none of the templates looks like my business?
A: Just select the template layout you like most, and we’ll customize it for you at no extra charge.


  • You invest in REOs
  •  You buy and sell houses in a mining community; none of the template images we have identify with your local community
  • You do “disaster” restoration, such as fire, and you’d like to see houses that are boarded up, fire, etc
  • We Buy Notes – Web Site dedicated to buying notes
  • Hard Money Lender – If you are a hard money lender

If it’s your business model, our websites can be quickly adapted to suit your needs and we will give you a hand to get you online.

Point. Click. Done.

With just a few clicks, you can customize your website to suit your business model

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