Frequently Asked Questions

What experience does your company have with websites and real estate investing?

Since 1999, I have been fully self-employed running successful internet businesses providing both products and services.

This includes web hosting, since 2000. Our servers are located in a rock solid data center in Dallas Texas.

When you host your website with us, you can be assured of at least 99.5% uptime guarantee.

Internet marketing must form part of successful real estate investing

And you must implement internet marketing techniques that work today.

The internet changes all the time. The trends keep changing. What was cool just 2 years ago might be ancient history today. For example, nobody used to access the internet from a smart phone just a few years ago. Today you cannot do without it. Mobile technology rules today.

Our daily involvement and experience in internet marketing ensures we keep up with changing internet trends.

When you get one of our websites, you can be sure you are getting a website that is fully updated to keep up with changing trends on the internet.

Of course you get free upgrades and support for life.


Real estate experience

We have been investing in real estate since 2003 closing most types of transactions in single family houses – short sales, lease options, wholesaling, etc.

When we started investing in real estate, I looked for website companies so I could buy a website for my business. I was disappointed with all the investor websites I found on the market. 

None of them provided an affordable, all in one solution that forms core to the success of any real estate investing business.

I therefore instructed my website developer to build one for my business, with laser targeted focus on core features that must be present in any good website.

We used this website in our real estate investing business until an investor friend saw it and was so amazed he asked if I could sell a copy to him. Other investors would love to have a product like this for their business!

This is how we started adapting it for sale to other investors and released the first version in February 2009, after being tested for 6 years.

In other words, our website business was an “accident” that has continued to wow a lot of investors, and build their businesses over the years.

So what qualities are important in a good website?

Lead generation & Convesion


At the very least, I was looking for a website that offers the following qualities:

1) Lead generation

A good real estate investing website must be built from the ground up to actively attract leads from the internet. After all without leads, how do you make money?

A good website must bring you new business – PERIOD

It does not matter how beautiful your website is – if it does not bring more business for you and make you more money, then you are missing a vital piece of your success kit.


2) Direct response

A good website must also engage those leads to take action (sign up).

Once a visitor lands on your website, they are of no use if they click away within a few seconds, or if they do not either sign up or call you, or take an action that converts them to a client.

Once you get one of our websites, they come loaded with these features by default:

a) Capture instant attention
Each website is pre-loaded with a life-like, kind, friendly speaking model that commands instant attention without being aggressive.

A visitor feels comfortable and more at home with what you have to offer. These speaking models also serve to guide visitors to take action.

b) Present multiple opportunities for visitors to take action
Wherever the visitor happens to be on your website, you must always offer them the opportunity that serves their need.

These opportunities must offer compelling “baits” for them to sign up – such as the free Ebooks that come loaded on each website.

This means that they are just a simple click or phone call away from taking action at any time when they are on your website.

These calls to action must always be visible, easily accessible at all times and easy to take.

Mobile Responsive and mobile friendly

Of course in today’s market, all these features must be available on a regular computer, tablets and smart phones.


3) Automation and engagement

A good real estate website must have inbuilt features to nurture the people who sign up so they warm up enough to do business with you.

Our websites are built with unlimited follow-up autoresponders, and come loaded with friendly, carefully timed emails that are sent at pre-set intervals.

These emails provide useful content, as well as compel them to take action – in other words, to do business with you.

It has been proven over and over that it takes multiple exposures to and communication before someone warms up enough to do business with you.

Secondly, the websites are loaded with automated reminders that keep you well updated – every forgotten to do something crucial because of your busy schedule?

4) Easily Adaptable

When I started investing in real estate, I knew I would be making changes to my business constantly.

I needed a website that I could just adapt to my business model at any time.

That is why you receive a website that can be adapted with a few clicks to suit any real estate business model. When your business changes, you do not have to buy a new website, simply adapt the one you have.

Secondly our websites come with many customizable designs. You can have the exact look you need and still keep a website that works exactly as it is intended.

5) All in one real estate investing management solution

I was also looking for a website that is loaded with all the features I needed to run my entire business from my website.

Everything on our websites is controlled from a virtual back office, so simple you can run your entire business from your website even if you are new to computers.

There are so many features that it is almost impossible to list all of them.

Most likely if you can think of some feature you might need, it is already included.


The sustained excitement with which the websites were received on the market that continues every single day has made our resolve to remain on the cutting edge of technology providing the best websites for real estate investing on the market.

Some type of upgrade is always going on almost every day building new features and improving existing features to keep up with growing demand and changing internet and real estate trends.

What makes this Real Estate Investor Web Site better than others?

This can get really long, but here is a quick summary…

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Attract more business for you

This is the primary role for a good website – bring you more business and make you more money.

Our websites attract leads for you, engage them to take action, nurture them to close deals with you

  real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Created specifically for real estate investing by real estate investors

There’s nothing generic; it’s all laser targeted for real estate investing. The websites come pre-loaded with all the content, forms, Ebooks and autoresponders you need to start running your business from your real estate investor website right away.

Our websites cut through the learning curve that paralyzes so many real estate investors so you can have a fully database-driven web site specifically created for real estate investing within an hour!

It’s the most feature-packed, fully customizable, multiple-design, automated website that you can run your business from without having to pay extra to adapt it to your business needs.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Buy it once, you own it for life

It’s the first affordable fully automated real estate investing system that you own – no more getting “wiped out” by hosted services that charge monthly fees – then wipe out your web site if monthly fees are not received.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Easy to manage – even if you are new to computers

You will get database-driven real estate investing web site controlled from a virtual back office. The front end is free of any maintenance.

If you can type, point and click, you can run your business from these web sites!

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  It comes fully optimized for search engines targeting your local market

When you receive your real estate investing web site, it is fully optimized to target your local market on the search engines.

And we provide you with simple instructions of what you need to do to get to the top quickly – some additional simple steps only you can do to give you a commanding position on the search engines that should deliver more closed deals.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  It tells your story for you even before you pick up the phone, pre-negotiates and pre-sells for you

Like it or not, we live in the Internet age. Every person in America has access to the internet and expect every legitimate business to have a web site.

Your real estate investing web site comes with time-tested converting copy that plants that crucial seed of trust to your motivated sellers, house buyers or private money lenders, making your business more productive, efficient, fun and easy to run.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Delivered Ready-For-Business today

You will get a complete, professional looking, Ready-For-Business real estate investor website within an hour. You can make changes, but you receive it ready to go!

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Save Time & Money

The time you spend to acquire a new property – talk to the seller, see the house, make an offer, etc, will be drastically reduced by automation and efficient handling of sellers, buyers and lenders saving you untold time and money.

Likewise, the time you use to sell your properties will be drastically reduced.

Your Real Estate Investor Website will automate and streamline most of your repetitive day-to-day investing tasks and by give you the tools you need to run and manage a successful real estate investing business.

real-estate-investing-website-checkmark  Make More Doing Less

Your increased efficiency will allow you to make better use of your time and focus on building your business.

Your Real Estate Investor Website takes off most of the load off your shoulders and makes you a more efficient investor – making you more money!

Do I need to install anything on my computer to use my website?

No. You just need a computer connected to the internet.

What about upgrades?

You’ll get free upgrades and support for life

What guarantees do I get?

If you are not happy for any reason, you will get your money back within 60 days. No questions asked

How long does it take to get my website after I place an order?

Your website will typically be ready within one to two hours. Any customization is done after your website has been installed.

You can manage most of the customization yourself even if you have no experience with computers. However if you do need help, we are here for you.

Most customization requests will be completed within one day.

Why would I need more than one real estate investor web site?

Obviously the needs of a motivated seller are very different from those of a person looking to buy a house.

A motivated seller is going through some real tough times and needs to get rid of their problem – their house. A successful web site for buying houses must do nothing short of providing targeted solutions for motivated sellers in a sensitive manner.

Winning the heart of a motivated seller so they can sell their house to you takes one key ingredient – they must be able to trust you. You must come out to them as someone who can solve their problems. Having a web site that specifically addresses just the solutions to their problems puts them in a position you must learn to love – they want only you to buy their house.

On the other hand, a house buyer is going through relatively better times than a motivated seller, sometimes looking for their dream home. These two people are worlds apart. Combining the buying and selling houses in the same web site would be killing the prospects of winning the hearts of the majority of potential sellers – and you will make less money as a result.

Similarly, how do you think a private money lender would like to land on the page where you solicit for motivated sellers?

Most likely they will click away

Some investors however prefer to combine buying houses, selling houses and seeking private money from the same web site.

This option is open if you choose to combine them.

Can I use third party autoresponders with my web site?

Yes, you can integrate ANY email autoresponder software solution with your website.

You can replace our default forms with code from your autoresponder service so your visitor is subscribed to your email list directly from your web site.

However, our websites come integrated with unlimited follow-up autoresponders. It is usually not necessary for you to pay for third party autoresponders, unless you already use one and decide to keep it..

Can I set automated autoresponder messages?

Yes, each website comes with in-built autoresponders, so you can set unlimited automated, timed messages for your sellers, Buyers List, Investors Buyers List and Cash Investors List.

You can also create your own custom forms and create you own autoresponders from the ground up.

Is the website compatible with Macintosh?

Yes, your website will be fully compatible with a Mac.

How do I make changes to my website?

Unlike other website companies, you do not have to keep requesting for help for most changes because our websites are so easy to run even if you are new to computers.

You can make almost any adaptational change you can think of and edit any content on the website. And if you are unable to do so, we can do it for you.

Our help section will also walk you through most of the things you need to do.

How many pictures can I upload with each listing?


A am a Real Estate Agent. However, your websites state that we are not real estate agents

The verbiage you see on the example websites is just default. You have full control of all the content from the back office.

You can change it to say exactly what suits your needs.

Design Related Questions

How do I know which design is the best for my business model?

All the designs have been tested for most business models. Any design can be used for any business model. Any content you see on our websites is compatible with any design.

And any of our designs can be easily customized to suit your exact needs.

Do I need to choose a design before I order?


Our websites are delivered pre-loaded with all the designs.

You can switch the designs as often as you like; you are not stuck with any one design.

I cannot see a design that exactly suits my needs. What do I do?

We will customize any designs to suit your exact needs at no extra charge. Remember a design can look different to you just because it has been customized for a different business model.


Ultimately your website will look exactly the way you want.

Can I put my logo in my design?


You can upload your logo from the back office.

Sometimes the logo may not blend well with your design, for example if the colors do not match.

In such cases, we will make the necessary changes so that they blend professionally.

Just send us your logo and we will make sure it looks perfect on your website.

Are the designs friendly to mobile devices?


All our designs are optimized to display well on both computers, tablets and mobile devices.

This means they are mobile responsive – meaning they automatically adapt themselves to the device you view them on. Learn why this is necessary.

They are also mobile friendly – meaning they are built with the mobile user in mind to provide user-friendliness on mobile devices and to convert website visitors on mobile devices – learn more about our methodology from this article.

Hosting And Domain Registration Questions

I already have a web site. Can I host it on my server?

Your website can be installed on your current hosting account as long as it meets system requirements. It is important to understand that even if your website can be successfully installed, server limitations imposed by your host may interfere with smooth operation of your website.

Lots of websites out there are simple informational websites that have little to no interactivity.

This is an interactive website that interacts with your visitors, with your prospects and buyers including sending emails, autoresponders and automated tasks, generating offers, PDFs, reports, etc. For this reason, it must be hosted on a server that does not impose restrictions. Unfortunately, you can only know of a server limitation once you stumble upon it, your hosting company website, profile or reviews will never cover this.

Please note that we have no control over your hosting account, and we cannot take resposibility for server related limitations that may hinder smooth operation of your website.

So, unless you understand HOSTING, do not order a hosting account from another company before you contact us

System requirements:

MySQL 5+ / PHP 5+, should support ioncube and have php configuration allow_url_fopen set to “on”.

It should also support script automation such as cron jobs for autoresponder automation.


Give us a call and we can show you an easy way to check if your current server is ready.

What do you charge for hosting?

Hosting fees are $19/month or $129/year. No long-term hosting commitments!

Current Hosting Special

$64.50 per year for unlimited hosting! Only applicable to yearly hosting.

This translates to just over $5/month.

Domain registration is not included in this discount.

Please add $15 for registering a domain – like (if you don’t have one already)

This is a special unlimited web hosting package specifically for real estate investors web sites with all the resources you need to run your real estate investing business successfully without any worries.

I have a domain name. Can I use it for my website?

Yes, all you need is to point your domain to our servers if we host your website by changing “Domain Name Servers”. This is a simple process that takes a few minutes.

You do not have to transfer your domain; you simply point it where your website is hosted.

Of course, we will walk you through this. Our help section also covers this.

Do you register domain names?

Yes, once you place an order for your website, the second step is to order hosting. You can also register a new domain in this step.

We handle everything for you from domain registration, name servers, etc for your convenience.

Can I use multiple domains for my website?
Can I keep my current email address?


When you are hosted with us, you can create any number of email addresses for free.

If your domain is registered elsewhere (such as Godaddy), and you need to continue using the same domain name, we will need MX Records so that your email is still routed through your domain registrar even though we host your website.

This article covers everything about email.

How Secure is my data?

Unlike other real estate investing websites, each website is hosted in its own hosting account. As such, nobody has access to your website or data except you.

Search Engine Optimization Questions

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks highly in the search engines.

On-page search engine optimization involves making the content on your website relevant for the keywords in your niche. This involves making sure that your website has just the right combination of keywords in the page title, description, content and links.

We carefully optimize the content and meta tags of each website before you receive it. This means that on-page optimization is done for every page when we deliver your website.

We have a lot of experience with search engine optimization and your website is optimized to give you a strong presence on the internet and set you above your competition.

Does this mean I’ll rank better than my competition?

We optimize all pages and we submit your website to search engines before we deliver it to you.

This is just a start! 

For a website to rank better than your competitors, you need to take specific effort to get it there. Our websites are equipped with the tools to make this process quite easy. Search engine optimization takes time and work.

Depending on your market and your competition, you might need just a few hours. In some cases you need more aggressive optimization. Ultimately the higher you rank, the more leads your website delivers.


  1. Optimize your website for LOCAL SEARCH results. This includes Google My Business and Bing Local among others. Most people can handle this.
  2. Build high quality links for your website with great content. There’s no shortcut for this, and it takes time. At the very least, if you consistently take time for SEO content, it should take 3 months or more to start seeing results.
  3. If you need help to do aggressive SEO for your website, we might be able to help. We offer aggressive SEO on a very limited basis due to the fact that it takes a lot of manual labor and time to get it done. We don’t make a profit on SEO, so we can only offer so much. Check if we have an open slot here.
Can I make changes to the content and meta tags?

Yes, content and meta tags for each page are fully under your control.

Do you submit my website to search engines?

Yes, we submit it to the search engines for you before you receive it.

How long does it take to get listed in search engines?

You can find your website listed within a few days to a few weeks. We submit a site map of your website to the search engines so they can come and index your website.

Do not be surprised to see your website listed within a few days.

Do you guarantee search engine positions?

If anyone tells you they can guarantee any position on the search engines, run the other way.

While chances are high that you will achieve a top position, nobody can make any guarantees with search engines.

When can I start getting leads from my website?

As you must have learned by now, SEO needs input from time to time for your website to be prominent on the internet.

The more prominent you are, the more leads you’ll receive.

By getting our website, you receive a website that:

  1. Has superior on-page optimization with keywords targeted to your local market. We also submit it to search engines for you.
  2. Is equipped with all the tools to make SEO work quite easy.

Depending on your market, only a few hours of extra work can get you a competitive position. This can start bringing leads within a few weeks.

If you don’t do this extra work, your website will still be listed in the search engines, but it may not hold a prominent position. This means you won’t be getting as many leads as you might otherwise get. Again depending on your market, you might still start receiving leads within a few weeks, or not! We cannot guarantee how many leads you’ll receive. This is just not how the internet works.

Can I hire you to do SEO work for my website?

Too many people asked us this question – and we listened. But we can only offer this service to a few people at a time.

We offer aggressive SEO for our websites on a limited basis depending on availability of manpower. Aggressive SEO takes a lot of work and time. In most cases, about 3 months or more where we make some input every single day.

We also don’t make any money on it – we’d have to charge at least $2500 to be profitable on SEO.

Think of it as expert labor that delivers a lot of value that can bring you business for a long time to come. For this reason, it’s not possible for us to offer many slots. In fact we don’t advertise it because we’d not be able to handle it.

If you find the order button removed, it means we don’t have an open slot.

Check Availability Here