How To Add Facebook Comments On Your Website

In this day and age of social media, it is a good idea to use Facebook comments on your website. You can actually use these as testimonials.

The beauty of this is that people can share your website as they comment.

To activate them:

Click “Customize Web Site” then “Customize Website Info

Scroll down to  “Facebook Comment Options” and fill out the required fields. You have to create a new Facebook App to get all the required info.

In order to put Facebook comments anywhere on your website, simply type this tag wherever you want to insert comments:


How To Activate Ebooks And Testimonials On Your Website

Ebooks are extremely important in making sure your website converts leads and other visitors to people that actually sign up on your website.

A website cannot convert leads if  people cannot sign up.

You must therefore offer them “baits” that compel them to sign up. These Ebooks offer information that your website visitors find important – and they will sign up to get them.

The Ebooks are personalized with your name and company information with you as the author to increase credibility.

This picture shows you how to activate them:

How to activate facebook comments and ebooks