How to upgrade your old website to become mobile responsive

Over the past several months we have upgraded 1000+ websites to become mobile responsive. Most of the upgrades are simple and smooth. Read this article that explains why you need to upgrade.

However if you got your website over two years ago, we will test if a simple upgrade will work on your website. By a simple upgrade, it means simply replacing your existing designs with mobile responsive designs.

Over the last two years, we have had several major upgrades that were integrated into some of the newer designs. This has made a handful of upgrades a little challenging. If this happens to be the case with your website, then we might have to reset your website to default to upgrade it.

For this we will ask you to save all your data – such as buyers lists, properties, etc. You could lose your data if we have to reset your website.

1) Test Your Website

If you already have an Interactive Real Estate Investor Website from us, test it to make sure it is mobile responsive.

If you got your website in the last one year or so, it should already be mobile responsive. However some conditions apply – below.

We recommend using designs 201 to 246. If you are using any other designs, then you are not taking full advantage of the marketing features integrated on our websites.

2) Back up your data – IMPORTANT

Our websites allow you to make a manual backup of any data that you have on your website, such as buyers lists, motivated sellers, etc. To make a backup, you have to “Export” each set of data that you have. If we have to reset your website, then you can Import that data once your website has been reset.

Every data set comes with a “Download CSV” feature for each data set that looks like this:


Download each data set and save it on your computer. Below are the common data sets you may have on your website:

a) Buyers list – under Buyers List tab

b) Wholesale buyers list – under Buyers List tab

c) Custom Forms – Any form on your website automatically saves data whenever submits information on your website. You can access these forms from Customize Website > Create Custom Forms. Click on “Display submitted data” for the form whose data you need to back up. Each of these forms come with an import feature to import the data when you are ready.

d) Motivated sellers – Even though you can export this data, you will not be able to export things like pictures, custom notes, reminders etc. You will need to save these manually

e) Homes for sale and wholesale deals – Again, even though you can export this data, you will not be able to export things like pictures, custom notes, reminders etc. You will need to save these manually

3) Request for an upgrade

If you find it is not mobile responsive, request for a free upgrade.

You must include the following information:

a) Your domain name

b) Your login information to your back office

c) Your cpanel login information – This is especially important if you are not hosted on our servers

Please send your request to


What will happen once you request an upgrade

a) We will check if your existing design is supported –  Designs 201 to 246 are supported. Only a signs handful of other older designs are supported in this upgrade. If your current design is not supported, we will randomly switch you to a newer design which is supported. You can later switch to any of the other supported designs

b) We will attempt an upgrade without resetting your website – If we have to reset your website, we will let you know before we proceed. You must back up your data first as instructed above because you will lose all old data if we reset your website.

c) Your upgrade will be completed, and you will be notified.

What to do after your upgrade is completed

If you had backed up any data, you will need to import that data back to your website. Each if the import features on your website walk you through how to import your data.

If you need to do anything to complete your upgrade we will let you know on a case to case basis.