How To Create A Brand New Web Site

Sometimes, your business mode will change, or we just don’t provide what you are looking for in terms of exactly the service you offer.

You therefore might need to customize your web site to suit your specific niche. This could be considered as “creating” a new web site or business model.

Recently a lady that used our website for real estate investing sent me a link to her insurance business, and I could not recognize that it is one of our websites. She had completely changed the website to use it for the insurance industry.

Do you have a unique need to customize your website?

The instructions below will help – and of course if you need a hand, we will show you what to do to get it done.

In this case, you will need to create new pages and if you collect information, new forms to capture the information you need. You will also need to customize your navigation menus.

You might also want to create follow-up autoresponder messages for the forms you create.

If you find that none of our template looks like your business, then we can help you customize any template you choose to look like your business.


  • You buy and sell houses in a mining community; none of the template images we have identify with your local community
  • You do “disaster” restoration, such as fire, and you’d like to see houses that are boarded up, fire, etc
  • Your needs are unique – such a buying notes, hard money, etc. We do have pre-made content for these business models, so check with us first before you go through the journey. Also, remember to check your back office”Customize Website” > “Add/Edit Content”; this content may already be in your virtual back office, but you may never have noticed it.

This is what you need to do:

  • Go to “Customize Web Site” > “Create Extra Pages & Squeeze Pages
  • Create the new pages and add new content as needed.
  • Create new forms as needed from “Customize Web Site” > “Create Custom Forms
  • Add follow-up autoresponder messages for these forms if needed
  • Go to “Customize Web Site” > “Customize Menu” to customize navigation menus
  • If you need to change some stock pictures, let us know and we will give you a hand

Your new web site is completed!

Every time someone submits information through your custom forms, you will get an email notification and it will be logged in your admin pane at “Customize Web Site” > “Create Custom Forms”, “Display Sumitted Data“.

You also have the ability to send emails to your lists whenever you want.

Congratulations, you just created a fully customized database-driven web site