Need to edit a template?

Sometimes you might need to edit content that is on the template you have selected.

For example, in some of our old designs, each index page is different, and can only be edited from this feature. These designs have been phased out, so if you got one of our websites recently this will not apply to you.

If you really have to edit a template, log a trouble ticket and we will do it for you:

Be careful not to edit or delete any code, or your website might not work properly. Only change fields if you know what you are doing.

We recommend you change text only. If you need help or need to change anything else, let us know.

1) Click “Customize Web Site” > “Edit Template”
2) Click “Edit” for the template you need to change
3) Click “Advanced Editor”
4) Click the “Full Screen” icon on the tool bar
5) Make your changes
6) Click the “Full Screen” icon on the tool bar
7) Click “Save”