How can I redirect a domain to a squeeze page?


I have create a new squeeze page and have registered a new domain. I want to set it up so that when someone goes to my new domain, they hit the squeeze page.


Sometimes, it may be necessary to have a domain point to a specific page on your website, such as a squeeze page.

To do this, you can create new pages (such as squeeze pages) and add the domain as “Add-on Domains”.

1) Change the name servers to point to our servers (see instructions below)

2) Log into your cpanel [domain]/cpanel. You login was sent in the welcome email

3) Add it as an add-on domain under “Domains” > “Add-on Domains”

4) Click “Manage Redirection” and redirect it to your new page

Changing name servers at Godaddy

In order for the domains to work, you need to update “name servers” (DNS servers) to point to our servers.

1) Log into your Godaddy account

2) click on “Domains” > “Manage My Domains”

3) Click on the domain you need to update, then click on the “name servers” ( or DNS servers)

4) the last option says something like “Custom Name Servers”

Remove the default name servers and replace them with