How do I get my website installed on my new host?

When you order a website from us, we do a free installation for you whether you are hosted with us or whether you have your own hosting account.

Subsequent installations may incur a fee (see below).

In order for us to install a website on your hosting account, several requirements must be met:

1) The basic hosting requirements must be met:

  • MySQL5 / PHP 5 or better
  • Should support ioncube
  • Should have php configuration allow_url_fopen set to “on”
  • Should support script automation such as cron jobs for autoresponder automation

2) Your website should not have server limitations that we can detect

Your website can be installed on your current hosting account as long as it meets system requirements.

But just  meeting system requirements is not enough

 It is important to understand that even though your website can be successfully installed, server limitations imposed by your host may interfere with smooth operation of your website.

Lots of websites out there are simple informational websites that have little to no interactivity.

Our websites are interactive:

1)  They interact with your visitors, with your prospects and buyers.

2) They send emails, including pre-timed, automated emails.

3) They  process automated tasks

4) They generate offers, PDFs, reports, etc.

5) And a lot more goes on behind the scenes to keep your website working smoothly on the front end and running all the other stuff at the back end.

For these reasons, it must be hosted on a server that does not impose restrictions.

Unfortunately, you can only know about some server limitation once you stumble upon it – your hosting company website, profile or reviews will never cover this.

You may be hosted with some big company, but this can never reveal your individual server settings. Besides real estate investing, we have also been in the web hosting business since 1999. Every web hosting company must impose some server restrictions to ward off bad people that could sign up with malicious intentions.

However, some companies impose too many restrictions that they interfere with the smooth running of your website.

Please note that if we have no control over your hosting account, we cannot take responsibility for server related limitations that may hinder smooth operation of your website.

We will only install a website on your server if we are not aware of any server-side limitations

To get your website installed on your host:

a) First time installation – FREE

When you order a website from us, our installation will be free the first time. The conditions above will apply.

Once you place an order, just reply to the order confirmation email with your control panel information (such as cpanel), and we will complete the installation for you.

b) Re-installation – PAID SERVICE

In order for your website to be re-installed on your host, you will need to order re-installation from this link:

Then send us your control panel information (such as cpanel) and we will complete the installation for you.

c) Moving from one hosting company to another

Whenever you move from one hosting company to another, you can transfer your website “as-is”. Your new hosting company should be able to fetch the website, or they should be able to give instructions how to transfer the website.

If you have to create your database manually, then you only need to update this information in one file located in your root folder, “config.db.php“.

Your new host should guide you through the transfer process.

If you need help to switch hosts, order re-installation from this link.


Q: Can you help me troubleshoot why I cannot successfully install the website on my host?

A: Unfortunately there could be any number of reasons why you are unable to install your website on your new host. This could include your server settings among other reasons.

We can only trouble-shoot installations issues on your server when doing an actual installation. We actually pay 100% of the installation fee to the programmer that does the installation for you.

For this reason, we can only trouble-shoot your installation if you have requested for a paid installation.

We would love to do this for free, but this is a direct cost we can only incur the first time we install the website for you. Our goal is to let you host your website with your host without us having to incur a direct loss to do so.

To sign up for hosting from us

Our hosting is unlimited, meaning that if you can put a limit or a number to anything, it does not exist.

This means unlimited emails, databases, unlimited everything.

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