How To Sell Houses From Your Web Site

Once you buy a house, fixing it up, selling it on terms, retail or rent, or wholesaling it will most likely be your exit strategy.

This section covers all these scenarios and more.

Selling on retail or terms

To post a property for sale on your web site:

  • Click “Available Homes”
  • Click “Submit New Home”

Fill out all the information, upload all the pictures.

If you do video virtual tours, upload your video on Youtube, then save the Youtube embed code in the space provided.

If you would like to upload documents, such as comparable sales, contracts, etc, you can do so as well. Some people like to upload contracts with their property so it’s easy to make an offer by printing it directly from your web site.

Once you submit to post the property, the information appears under “Available Homes” page on your web site.

To show or not to show documents publicly?

Sometimes, you might want to keep contracts on your web site but you do not want to keep them available to the public.

Just check “Hide from public view” and it will disappear from public view.

list houses

hide files

list houses

hide files

How to allow others to edit property

If you work with a partner and you don’t want to give them access to your admin panel, just allocate a password to the property and give it to them. You’ll see this at the top where you submit or edit the property:

edit property

Notes and reminders

At the bottom of the page where you add or edit a property, you can log reference notes and set automated reminders. The reminder will be sent out at 7 am on the day you designate.

notes properties

notes properties

To list a wholesale deal

If you have a deal that you would like to pass on to another investor at wholesale price, this is the place to do so.

Click on “Wholesale Deals” > “Wholesale Deals

Fill out all the information and upload all the pictures and documents as above.

Everything works exactly the same way, except these are wholesale deals and they also calculate equity.

How To Display Your Properties On Other Web Sites

Copy the iframe code given after you list your properties and paste on the web page to display listings there. For example, you may have investor partners that would like to market your properties for you.

display listings

display listings