How To Change Your Website Design

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Change Design

  • Click “Customize Web Site”
  • Click “Change Design”

You will see the designs available on your website.

Simply click “Load Style” and your entire web site changes. It’s that simple! All the designs are professionally designed and laid out; it will be a lot of fun and tough task to settle on one – they are all that good!

What happens to content once you change from one design to another:

Your content remains the same even if you change from one design to another. As long as your changes are not done on the templates, your content remains unchanged.

Important considerations when choosing your design

lead generation and conversion


If you just got your new website from us, this section does not apply to you. This is because you only have a choice of the latest designs.

If you ordered our websites in the last one year or so, you had a choice of about 200 designs.

Internet trends are changing all the time, and some of these designs do not all comply with the latest internet trends. Our focus is especially geared towards attracting leads and converting them to closed deals, as well as providing a back end that runs and automates your real estate investing business.

If you got your website about a year ago or more before today’s date, then you do need to upgrade your website, or to make sure you are using one of the recommended designs.

The best designs that have all the features integrated for attracting and converting leads are 201 through 246.

Please read this article to learn how we do this.

If your website gives you a wider choice than this and you use some of the older designs, you do need to do some customization, or you might be missing out on crucial leads.

Our best advice is to switch to one of the 46 designs, then we can customize it for you to suit your individual needs.

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