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When buying houses from motivated sellers, you must make offers that get accepted, and offers that make you money.

Your maximum offer always depends on your exit strategy – if you are making an all-cash offer, then your offer is likely to be lower than if you are buying on terms.

While we will not get into what determines your offer, this guide will show you how to make that offer.

Before you make an offer, the assumption is that you have already

  • Talked to the seller and assessed their motivation
  • Done comparable sales
  • Estimated repairs
How To Make An Offer

Making an offer is probably the most important part of real estate investing. Unless you can buy low, you cannot make any money.

  • Once you know what your offer will be, you can make a preliminary offer even before you go see the house. Or maybe their asking price is already within your price range. This will save you lots of wasted hours going out to see properties you will never buy.

Side Note:
I usually give sellers a honest opinion of my numbers, e.g. “Based on the information you’ve provided, it seems to me I’d spend $15,000-$20,000 to fix up the house to a marketable condition. I’ll then need need to market the house and probably sell it at a discount to move it quickly. If I buy it for $85,000, I will make a loss by the time I pay closing costs and sell the house”.

If they have room to be flexible, then they will drop the price if they want to sell.

By the time I go see the house, we have some preliminary understanding without being pushy.

To make an offer:

1) Click “Make Offer” tab and type your offers

  • Cash Offer
  • Take Over Payments
  • Other

Enter all the details of your offer as if you are communicating with the seller.

Make offer

Make offer

2) Then click “Click Here To Preview Offer

This opens a new window from where you can make an offer:

Make offer

2) Then click “Click Here To Preview Offer

This opens a new window from where you can make an offer:

Make offer

3) If the offer looks good, you can make the offer by phone, fax or email.

You must click on the option you choose because your offer will then be logged for your future reference:

  • If you make offer by phone: Click “Click here after you call”
  • To send offer by email: Click “Click here to send email”
  • If you make offer by fax or mail” Click “Click here for printable copy”

4) Close the window once you make an offer. You’ll see the offer has been logged under “The following is your follow-up schedule”

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