How To Estimate Home Value & Repairs

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In order to make an offer, you must have a good idea of the After Repaired Value of the property.

The best value when buying a house should always be low, and we recommend using two methods:

  1. Using county appraisal record as a fair indicator – in most cases, this tends to be conservative (but not always!) and could be a good estimate
  2. Using comps from – Under “Make your offer” – you will see a link called “Zestimate”. Clicking on this link opens a new window with “Zestimate” for that property.

Ultimately, the best way to accurately estimate the value of a property is to use a Realtor’s comps if they are available to you.



How to estimate repairs

On the Analysis tab, click on “Rehab Estimator” to estimate costs. This comes in both basic and advanced versions.

Based on the information provided by seller, sometimes it is possible to estimate repairs even before you see the house. By the time you drive out to go see the house, you probably have a pretty good idea that you are going to see a real deal.

Rehab estimator basic

Rehab estimator basic

How to analyze the deal

Once you have estimated repairs, the next logical thing is to estimate your profit potential and the maximum price you can offer for the property. This is probably one of the most crucial steps in buying and selling houses.

On the Analysis tab, click on “Deal Analyzer” to give you an idea of your maximum offer:

deal analyzer

deal analyzer

How to schedule follow-up with a seller

Your busy schedule can get in the way of important follow-ups that are crucial to closing deals. For example, let’s say a motivated seller wants to discuss with spouse before accepting offer, and she asked you to call her on Tuesday.

You can also schedule this as an automated reminder from the same screen.

Click on “Notes” tab from the same screen.

Type in the information you want to schedule. If you enter a date in the future, the reminder is set up on that day. You will receive a reminder at 7 in the morning on the day of the reminder.



How To Mark Deal As “Completed

If you have bought the house, or it’s not a deal, check Yes under “Mark deal as completed? (deal will be archived)

The deal is not deleted in case you need it in future, but is placed under

Home > My Archives

This may be a more preferable option than deleting them

How To Delete Deal From Your Web Site

Sometimes, a seller might submit junk, or you see there is no way you can make the deal work. If you would like to delete such a deal:

  • Click “Sellers”
  • Click “Delete” for the seller you want to remove. This action cannot be undone
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