How To Recover Login Information To The Back Office

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Once we deliver a website to you, we do not store your usernames and passwords. This is because when you get one of our websites, it belongs to you.

Once we deliver your website, you also have the freedom to change the default usernames and passwords. After this we do not have any further access to your website.

It is like buying a house, then tripping the locks so that even your builder cannot get inside any more.

Your website is built to remind you your login information if you forget it.

The login page always comes with a login reminder feature:

Back office: http://[DOMAIN]/admin
Cpanel: http://[DOMAIN]/cpanel
Blog: http://[DOMAIN]/blog/wp-admin

Please use the password reminder feature on the login page to fetch your password. It will be sent to the email on file where you registered with us (unless you have changed it).

Remember passwords are cAsE sEnsItIVe.

What if my website cannot send me email?

If you no longer have access to your email, or your website is no longer sending emails, we can reset your login info. Send us an email through this website and we’ll help you out.


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