How To Configure Admin Panel

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On the left navigation menu, click “Configure Admin Panel“.

If you have assistants for your business, you can create a new login separate from yours and grant them access only to the menus they frequently use.

Alerts – New Leads

AlertsNew leads that sign up for Ebooks are logged under Alerts. Whenever someone submits any information on your website, you always get an email and it is also logged in your virtual back office.

Each entry that is marked as urgent is logged under “Alerts”. This is the default when sellers submit their properties, or buyers sign up.

It’s the first place to check if you have something new. You can remove them from Alerts by opening the record and unchecking “Mark as urgent“.


Archives are meant to store old deals for your reference instead of deleting them from the system.

Just check “Mark deal as completed?” to move it to the archives. You can remove it from Archives by unchecking this box.

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