How To Set Up Follow-up AutoResponders

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No automation can be complete without the ability to send automated messages at pre-set, timed intervals – thereby freeing up your time.

You can set up unlimited timed, automated messages on your website.

When your website is delivered, all autoresponder messages are already saved and pre-timed on your website by default.


  • When seller submits their information, instantly send them an email telling then you have received their information and that you’ll be in touch
  • When a prospective buyer submits their information, instantly tell them you have received their information and that you’ll contact them as soon as you get a house that fits their needs. Then follow up 2 days later with instructions about how to prepare for their new purchase

To set up auto-responder messages:

  • Click on “Email
  • Click on “Autoresponder Messages
  • Select “Message Type” – Sellers, Buyers List, Investors Buyers List or Cash Investors List
  • Enter “Schedule” – day to send the message (Days after sign-up. 0 for instant)
  • Enter message subject
  • Enter message content – click on “Advanced editor” for HTML messages
  • Save your message
  • Repeat this cycle for each message

You can set up unlimited follow-up messages for each list.



The autoresponders above are based on custom forms. If you need to create

Follow this link to set up auto-responder messages on Custom Forms

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